About Kebok

Kebok saw the light of day in May 2007, when Esben Bjerg Olesen took on his first employee.

From the very beginning, the idea was to supply reliable personnel solutions, preferably by relying on the same people year after year. 
Once Kebok had gain a footing in Denmark, a new department was established in Oslo, Norway, in 2012.

Being a stable and professional sub-supplier has always been Kebok’s primary goal. It goes without saying that we are covered by agreement. We are watching the requirements of the labour market closely. This is why you should not hesitate to entrust us with your manning requirements. 
If you have projects abroad, our project group is ready to help with permissions and rental of personnel, be it in Greenland or Africa.

Our employees have broad practical experience of the industries. Very often we manage to tie lose ends when firms are faced with acute staff shortages due to illness, vacation, tenders, etc. 

Kebok specialises in providing skilled personnel for the transport, railway and building contractor industries.
This allows you to focus on your business, without having to worry about the progress of the work in the field.