Staffing solutions for the transport industry

Are you looking for a skilled and experienced driver? 
At Kebok, we offer flexible personnel solutions within the transport industry. We have been approved for the rental of drivers in Denmark and the Nordic countries. 

If you need a driver to cover illness, holiday or seasonal variations, we can help you find the right employee. Our employees are mainly permanent staff drivers.

Certain types of transport in Denmark still require a skilled Danish driver. Kebok does not work with foreign drivers, and the company is, of course, covered by agreement.                    

This is what makes Kebok a safe choice as sub-supplier.

Our experienced staff cover functions such as:

  • Drivers of concrete
  • Distribution
  • Fore-carriage/carts
  • Crane drivers
  • Machine transport drivers
  • Lorries/trailers

If you are looking for a driver with skills not covered by our permanent staff, we also offer efficient recruitment through our vast network.

What makes the recruitment process of internal and external employees so efficient is our IT platform, Fokus.

Thanks to its associated CV database, the system allows us to find an employee with specific skills in only a very short time.

Professionalism and close customer relations always come first.