A career with Kebok

Working for Kebok means an exciting working day, influence and responsibility. Your workplace will be all of Denmark.

Good reasons why you should work for Kebok!

  • Recognition for your skills.
  • Good and dedicated colleagues.
  • Ongoing in-house training with business partners, or vocational colleges.
  • Responsive and informal leadership.
  • Free working conditions with responsibility. Good earnings potential. Good career opportunities. Exciting and varied work tasks.
  • Kebok is a member of the Danish Construction Association and therefore covered by agreement. 

Right now, we are looking for

 Pipe fitters and workmen for the building contractor industry


Be the first to get a job offer

We fill most vacancies through our database. If you are looking for a job within the building contractor, transport or railway industries, working as

  • Machine operators with GPS experience
  • Crane drivers, machine transport and lorry drivers
  • Plumbers/Sewer contractors
  • Dozer operators
  • Excavator operators
  • Workmen for foundry and iron/steel reinforcement jobs
  • Workmen for railway work
  • SR railroad managers
  • Railcar operators,

please fill in and submit your CV here. (Click here)

Your CV will be stored in our database, and we will contact you when there is a job matching your skills and wishes.


Sub-supplier to Kebok

You have the option of working as a sub-supplier to Kebok. You will become part of a strong concept under a familiar brand offering many opportunities in the building constructor, transport and railway industries. 

As a sub-supplier to Kebok, any claim you may have is secured.

What Kebok demands of you as a sub-supplier is that you do a professional job and that you act loyally towards Kebok. Sales and marketing and the difficult art of customer contact will be taken care of by Kebok. 

Some of our suppliers drive a lot of hours for Kebok; others only make use of us to fill up the existing order book. Don’t hesitate to call us to find a solution that fits your needs.

What we offer our sub-suppliers:

  • The possibility of fixed earnings
  • Less administration
  • Fewer advertising and marketing costs
  • More focus on what you are really good at
  • A broader network

Everyday sparring and the benefits of being part of a nation-wide company while being self-employed.